Data security

Is your personal data safe?

Purchasing goods in our online store is really easy – you just need to specify your name, surname, e-mail, telephone number and state the place you want the goods to be delivered to. And that’s all, nothing too hard or risky!  

But you may rightfully ask yourself a question – is my personal information safe? And the answer is “yes”! We take the protection of our clients’ personal information very seriously and we don't share this information with any third parties, excluding our partners who either directly deliver the goods to you or are related to this process.

No spam or unwanted advertising! When you register at our website (although you may purchase goods without registration) you will be asked if you would like to accept our advertisements and informational messages. Feel free to press “no” if you wouldn’t, you won’t receive any messages at all.

Is it safe to purchase at our online store?

We took great care for our client’s safety and installed one of the best Secure Socket Layer (SSL) safety certificates there are in the world. It was provided by the international e-signature certification center “Comodo”.

Saugumo sertifikatas

SSL certificate governs the mutual identity recognition between your browser and our server, so a protected (encrypted) link could be established.

The secret and sensitive data you enter whenever you purchase something (internet banking connection codes, passwords, credit card numbers) are neither registered nor collected by us.

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