Original BMW motor vehicle parts are granted a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty.

Please notice the following important statements: 

  • The warranty is granted to the original new parts ONLY.
  • All claims related to the defects of the parts revealed during utilization can be presented during the time of validity of a warranty. The warranty period is calculated from the day of assembly of the part.
  • The warranty is not valid if the defects occurred not due to the fault of a seller of a manufacturer. For example: due to improper utilization, accident, assembly without application of the requirements established by a manufacturer, chemical effect, etc.
  • The warranty is not applicable to the parts replaced during a periodic vehicle maintenance service, such as filters and spark plugs, with the exception of those cases, when the defect is detected before the parts must be replaced during the following periodic maintenance service and if the defect occurred due to the manufacturer's fault.

The parts listed below are considered to be wearing parts, therefore they are granted a limited warranty:

  • Brake discs (a thickness measurement will be carried out to rule out the wearing out of the discs) - vibration up to 30 000 km, noises up to 20 000 km
  • Wipers (windshield, rear window and headlights) - up to 3 months/ 5 000 km whichever first
  • Light bulbs - 12 months

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